Club Championship

 DSS-Mini  Club Championship – Running better together


A number of races are highlighted throughout the year. Some have more than one event so you can choose your distance.

Championship Standings will be updated regularly. Click on the link below.

2018 club championship points

 2017 club championship points  


Points will be awarded for each of the highlighted events as follows.

10 points for completing a highlighted event
10 points for a pb – you will need to tell us about it
5 points for a year best – you will need to tell us about it
5 points each for up to 4 parkruns (total 20 points available)
5 points for writing an article for the newsletter or blog for the website about your race
10 points for 1 marathon – any marathon
5 points for the 1st DSS finisher
4 points for the 2nd DSS finisher
3 points for the 3rd DSS finisher
2 points for the 4th DSS finisher
1 point for all other DSS finishers