C25K Courses…

We are starting our 9 week Couch to 5K courses in Dorchester on Monday evenings commencing 10th January and Wednesday evenings in Weymouth commencing Wednesday 12th January 2022

Sign up today, simply complete the enrolment form and email to dorsetsolesisters@gmail.com. Get in touch also if you have any queries or concerns.

Meet our lovely C25K Leaders…

Cheryl Heard

I spent many years being a couch potato, over weight and not doing any exercise at all. I went to work, came home, ate and went to bed every day.  Then I decided to get up and get out there. Many people I knew had done it so I decided I’d give it a go. I downloaded the app, bought some cheap running gear and off I went. At first it was so hard and I begged the person in my ear to stop but I didn’t.  I kept going and going and to my surprise I had completed the whole 5k. I started doing park run and met other people like me then a friend said I should join Dorset sole sisters. I thought that would be too much and I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them. How wrong was I. Being with the sole sisters is great. So many different people with different abilities and stories to be heard. I entered races and have now done many half marathons and 3 marathons that I am so proud of. Each time I run I find it hard but enjoyable, tiring and fulfilling. If I need to clear my mind I run. If I feel low I drag myself out and guaranteed that once complete I feel so much better and glad I took the time out to run. It doesn’t matter how far you go. Just get out there and do something for you because that’s what I did and still do. It’s amazing where running can take you. 

Sam Day

Hi, my name is Sam Day and I am a Leader with Dorset Sole Sisters.

I began my running journey several years ago by taking part in a Race for Life 5K. Although it is perfectly acceptable to walk this, I wanted to run so did my own crude version of C25K. And so began my love of running.

I moved to Dorset in October 2020 and soon after joined Dorset Sole Sisters as a member and part time Leader. I had been a Leader in my previous running group in Stratford upon Avon.

I have since run many 10K races, several half marathons, a handful of sprint triathlons, and a whole host of fun runs such as the Dirty Devil at Bovingdon Tank Track.

I wouldn’t say I am fast, in fact I am usually towards the end of any event but I enjoy the camaraderie, friendship, sense of achievement and well-being that running gives.