Ox Races 2018 White Star Running

16 May

Ox Races 2018 – May 2018 –  Sharon Pugh

The Dark Ox, Light Ox and Frolic distance is 10k ish. There is also an Ox half marathon, 50 mile, and 50 mile plus. You can enter as many as you like, one or even all six. Camping is an option, Love station is a must. Mexican fancy dress is adopted by some people. All races offer a generous cut off time.

Dark Ox 10k

Head/chest torch is a must, fairy lights optional. It is dark, well sign posted and fun. The line of lights from other runners ahead helps not to get lost, although you may have to run a bit faster to keep up and not lose them. At the end you get a medal, packet of biscuits, and a bottle of Piddle Beer.

Ox Frolic

Solo, relay teams of pairs, threes and fours, 50 miles and Epic (50 miles plus at least one other race). If you want to run with friends enter solo. Squeaky Mexican cows are used for batons in the relay, Solo’s get theirs at the end. Do as many laps as you like in 12 hours. Laps are 6 miles, except for the first (about 7.5 for marathon runners to get their distance). You can run some laps with your relay team mates, but only one can wear the chip to record the lap. At the end you get your squeaky toy, medal, biscuits and muff.

Light Ox

Same course as the Dark and Frolic. Quite a tough and hilly course, but bluebells, wild garlic and if you are lucky spotting herds of deer and hearing the cuckoo makes up for it. Most runners were exhausted from previous races so not a fast run. Love station has alcohol/soft drinks, sausages, cake, gherkins etc. Not that many marshals, but lots of interesting signs to read along the way. Medal, Piddle beer and muff at the finish.

Ox Races