Dark Valley 10k

6 Dec

Dark Valley 10k 11th November 2017

By Christine Voce

It had been raining for days and I was very uncertain about heading off to Moors Valley to run in the dark.  Only Kathy’s unending enthusiasm and her offer to travel over with me kept me from pulling out.

We arrived in twilight in the cold and damp and I was not exactly euphoric as I parked the car.  But within minutes the runners costumes, the lights and the zinging excitement had changed my mood.   I have never seen so many tutus, wings and skeletons decked out in fairy lights  not to mention lit up dreadlocks.  Kathy herself was very impressive in head to toe fairy lights.  I was not going to lose her in the dark!

We set off in the dark and drizzle into puddles, mud and a death defying slippery hill. The whole race was great fun.  As a WSR first timer I was astonished to come across the ‘Love Station’ in the middle of the course.  Brightly lit with food and drink (some sort of flavoured Vodka!) and all those costumes milling around it was a wonderful party.  I didn’t really want to start running again!

The Dark Valley was a wonderful experience and the medal was amazing. I recommend this event  to everyone for next year!


(photos by Kathy Davis)

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